The Hidden Germs in Your Area Rug

Every homeowner wants to keep their area rugs clean and beautiful whenever possible. After all, the appearance of a rug is one of the first things people notice when they visit a home, so it makes sense for homeowners to focus on the condition of their rugs. 

One such area that does not really get that much attention however, is the hygiene of the rugs. Sure, they might look clean and beautiful on the surface, but you may not know that tons of dirt and germs might be lurking deep in the rugs’ fibers. 

After all, rugs, just like carpet and upholstery, act as giant filters, trapping dust, allergens and bacteria from the earth and air, which is actually beneficial to keep a dust-free home. However, as with any filter, if they are not well-kept and clean, they can start releasing them into your home instead. 

Area Rugs Can Get Very Dirty!

Area rugs especially tend to collect a lot of germs and dust – twice as much their original weight – as they are generally placed in the high traffic areas of a home. Having an area rug full of germs is not something any homeowner wants to have, as germs can be really harmful to you, your family and your pets’ health. 

For example, a dirty rug can lead to skin rashes and irritation as the germs, fungi and bacteria which are found in dirty rugs can cause skin problems. Likewise, they can cause allergic reactions, as dirty rugs house germs, pollen, dust mites, and allergens, which can instantly cause allergic reactions. 

Keeping Your Area Rug Clean Is Essential!

Your home is a place where you’ll spend a lot of time. So, making sure your area rug not only looks clean but is likewise hygienic and germ-free is very important. 

Also, no matter how well you clean your rug and how clean you keep it; a rug is bound to become dirty over time. So, professional area rug cleaning every so often will ensure that it stays properly clean for as long as you have it!

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